This is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my unpaid time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Forget about update 2.8.0.

Download 2.8.1 instead! More fixes. More stuff. More ... more! Soon mandatory (which will fix the auto updating process which currently fails due to md5 hash mismatch (probably... it should))

Friday, August 18, 2017

Redownload the update 2.8.0.

Everyone who downloaded the update prior to this post please redownload the update... i missed a tone mapping setting and now everything looks darker than it should...

EDIT: Please download the update manually. I broke the updater. Grlrlrlrllll.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Endless Update Loop.

UPDATE: The issue should now be resolved. Let the update downloading commence.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Black Dragon Update 2.7.9: Posing for a cleanup.

Almost a month passed without me doing something, gotta fix that.

Updated the poser (again), now you can toggle bones on and off (will be saved into presets) and you can finally use the first iteration of the Animator, allowing some basic pose-chaining to create fake-animations.

You might also enjoy the little... thingy i did in my login screen. I might be using this to some extend in the future, to preview features and changes.

Other than that not much more, you can now toggle world lights, your own attached lights and other people's attached lights independently from each other (WOW).

I also added an option to toggle projector light projections off, again independently from their image reflections and projectors themselves.

Also... i love posing with the poser, you can do all the things, really.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Black Dragon Update 2.7.7: The performance update.

You have been waiting for this for over 5 years.

The ultimate update is about to unleash upon you.

Upwards of 3 quadrillion FPS increase. That's two fish more than tomorrow.
Every graphical feature ever, at no additional performance cost.
All lag SL ever had, fixed including 0.1ms ping for that ultimate shooter feeling.
Oculus Rave Support
And if you thought it can't get better, IT WILL GET BETTER. ALL OF THIS FOR ONLY 9.99€! + Season Pass for the next update. Dayum, what a deal.

Okay no seriously. I thought i should probably optimize stuff a bit, never done this in the past 5 years of making the Viewer so over time the framerate become somewhat unstable. framerate stability should be massively improved and you might even see some FPS gains, i went up from 40 to 60 on my place and for the first time since Nirans Viewer i managed to get 100 FPS again in the sky and even up to 180 FPS if i took off my Avatar, that's even 20 fps more than the maximum i ever managed to get. You will also see the performance impact of the sidebar being pretty much 0 now, preferences has been MASSIVELY improved too, reduced it's refresh calls massively and optimized them quite a lot, so even with preferences open you shouldn't be dropping too hard anymore. Turning around and generally doing stuff doesn't incur too much framerate dips anymore either! Whew.

Further i've also fixed some bugs, added an "always render friends" option, made highlight friends default, finetuned Tone Mapping further, clamped the view angle in sidebar, made ESC disable third person steering in case you accidentally enabled it, improved all preferences warnings and changed the visibility condition of some of them to ones that make more sense and are a bit more forgiving.

To summarize this update: WOW more fps.

Your performance improvements may vary, keep that in mind, having no fps at all doesn't mean you'll have fps now.

What are you waiting for? GET IT, it fixes shit and improves fps, no reason not to get it.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Black Dragon Update 2.7.6: Interpolation and Position~ation?

Positionation? Really? Very bad attempt at making up words to rhyme.

So 2.7.6 adds mostly a lot of internal work, much of which you won't notice directly but you can now change the position of the pelvis bone and interpolate between positions, YAY!

You can now also set the interpolation method, either linear or spherical linear and its interpolation strength (NOT the time it takes, that entirely depends on the strength).

You can now also double click to load poses and the save button as well as name line editor has been moved to the pose tab... because it really belongs there.... load and delete are still in the other tab.


You should now also be able to save without a folder (it should create it automatically).

I snuck in some extra changes too, brightened tone mapping a tiny bit, pitch black shouldn't be completely pitch black anymore and dark/black textures should now show their details again, even in shadowed/dark places. I will most likely finetune this a little bit more.

BTW, the shortcut for locking depth of field focus has been changed and should work properly now. Can't believe i've ignored this for so long even though it was pissing me off really hard every time i used it.

Remember. Start pose, then edit the sliders, otherwise no change and whatever you do, DO NOT ever stop all animations (via the window or menu) while having the pose animation running otherwise you'll end up breaking it and need to relog to fix it. I'll be fixing that in coming updates.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Black Dragon Update 2.7.5: Poser Save/Load

With this update the poser is now capable of saving and loading poses into a XML file. They're listed in the new Animation tab.

I also added blending between poses and rotations, rotating bones will feel smoother now. I fixed an issue with the vector to quaternion (rotation) conversion that caused some rotations to deform the bone and all its linked bones, rotating it into random directions and inflating it in size. You may have seen it already or know the "Neil Special" animation that does exactly the same.

Fixing this issue also solved another issue with the rotations varying in strength towards the min/max value of the sliders, they should rotate uniformly now. They'll also allow greater precision due to the mentioned change requiring me to change the sliders to -3.142/3.142 min/max value to allow a full rotation.

Finally and most importantly, besides save/load, you can now click a bone once to select it, no more double click needed.

Make sure you save your poses before stopping the pose animation because you'll lose your progress.

Before i forget, you might need to create a folder at:
called poses... possibly... maybe... most likely... almost certainly, otherwise saving won't work. Haven't yet added code to do that automatically. Totes forgot about it, oh well, next version. I know i know... i always find reasons for you to update to that stupid next update... tztztz.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Black Dragon Update 2.7.4: Bento Poser

Small update for the poser, you can now select the bones from a list via double click (sorry, single click doesn't work for some shitty UI reason) and then alter the selected bone via the 3 sliders. You should press Start Posing before you do however. I figured you wanted to know.

It also allows you to change all Bento bones. Yup, all 133 bones are now changeable.

Next up: Saving to XML. Editing collision volumes. Export to BVH (possibly). UI improvements. Usability improvements (maybe having the rotation axis circles like in Edit mode).

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Black Dragon Update 2.7.3: The Update that almost got lost.



You probably wonder why i'm yelling?

Yes. Yes that's what you think it is. Yes it's in this very update. No you can't. Yes it would be possible. No but will be in future updates. In that order.

In case you haven't noticed, i just made the first real full inworld Poser. Fuck all those HUD's. This thing will make you shit bricks, at least the avatar part of it, you still have to put a lot of bricks into your ass... why would you do that?

Do i have to say more? Jeeperscreepers it's a fucking POSER, what do you want!? You can rotate all main bones wherever you want, yes you can even put your Avatar upside down if you so desire (although i have to make the pelvis rotations work a bit better... they... bug out sometimes) or your feet into your face, hell you can scratch your nose with them... yes.... yes... you can also put your feet up your ass.

You want to know how it works? That's easy! Dragon - World - Animation Controls. Pose tab, slide all the sliders. (In case the video wasn't obvious enough)

Also yes, above picture was made with said feature. Here have some more:

Sunday, January 15, 2017

How To Fix: the Viewer and its common problems.

I'm bored so today i'll be going over a bunch of startup problems quite a few people seem to have when first using the Viewer.

HELP: X or Y is white and stuff looks broken.

The Problem:

In the course of Black Dragon's development i made a really significant change to the minimum graphic settings of Black Dragon. You see, all other Viewers offer all options from legacy rendering, to 'Basic Shaders' (Vertex Shaders or commonly known as Windlight), Post Process Glow and finally 'Advanced Lighting Model' (previously Lighting and Shadows, correct would be Deferred Rendering), allowing a wide range of PC's starting from the minimum requirements to the uber gaming PC to utilize the Viewer and set whatever graphics people want. In my Viewer however, there are no options prior to Deferred Rendering anymore. That essentially means the minimum graphics level you get is Deferred Rendering (if you don't count the ability to disable it for personal crash prevention and fail safe reasons). If your hardware does not support Deferred Rendering (Intel Graphics Cards usually) or any of its needed components (such as the now included Vertex Shaders and Post Process Glow) or is incompatible to the changes i did to the shaders (AMD Graphics Cards sometimes have this issue) it will simply bail out and fail to enable Deferred Rendering, essentially locking you out of seeing everything normal. Sometimes the Viewer will simply disable Deferred Rendering because your stock settings were in the range between no Deferred Rendering and Deferred Rendering enabled. In all cases you will see the world broken, some prims or meshes missing, some body parts will be white, meshes especially.

In Short:

Looks like this:

whereas it should look like this ^

The problem happens when:

  • using Intel Graphic Cards.
  • using AMD Graphic Cards.
  • randomly depending on your initial starting settings.

The Fix:

  • If you are using a laptop you are almost guaranteed to use an Intel Graphics Cards, but most today's laptops have a dedicated NVidia Graphics Cards, if you know it does you will have to go into your Windows Start Menu - System Control Panel - NVidia System Control Panel - 3D Settings - Manage 3D Settings - Global Settings and set the preferred graphics processor to 'High Performance NVidia Graphics Processor'. After you've done that you'll have to restart the Viewer and go to Preferences - Display and toggle Deferred Rendering there. Your problem should be fixed.
  • If you are using a desktop PC with an Intel Graphics Cards you are out of luck, this Viewer does not support Intel Graphics Cards. Go and use a different Viewer.
  • If you are using an AMD Graphics Cards, try enabling Deferred Rendering first, if that doesn't work please report your problem to me directly so i can work on a fix.
  • If you are using a NVidia Graphics Cards, try enabling Deferred Rendering first, if that for some reason doesn't work please report your problem to me directly too. 

HELP: My camera doesn't stay behind my avatar.

The Problem:

First off a clarification, your camera never stays behind your avatar, it doesn't in my Viewer and it doesn't in any other Viewer. Your problem is a different one, you just don't know how to properly explain it because you don't know what is happening. Your avatar is strafing left or right instead of what you are used by default from other Viewers, rotating left or right. Although strafing seems to be the wrong wording here, that is what it's actually called, your Avatar moves directly to your left or right relative to the current camera direction. It's yet another change that goes all the way back to Nirans Viewer, one that should have been in Second Life from the very beginning but Second Life is not the only 'game' doing it wrong, most games use strafing, some (presumably created by people like you who were getting used to something different) games use rotate by default, big mistake, you got an input device that we commonly know as 'Mouse' and this 'Mouse' fulfills the role of being a second, separate input device to split up and spread different tasks, such as moving and looking around to all your available resources or what you commonly refer to as your 'Hands'. One hand moves you around, including crouching, jumping, running or flying while the other enables you to look around completely independent of your movement. Over are the times in which you moved with arrow keys and looked up/down/left/right with your numpad in a really jerky and unprecise way.

In Short:

I changed the actions rotate left and right to strafe left and right and you are not used to it, as was i when i first changed it and was used to rotating for years (in Second Life).

The Fix:

  • You can change the keybindings back to what you are used to by going into Preferences - Keybindings and clicking the trash icon left of the 'strafe left' and 'strafe right' action keybinds (which will display A and D and Left and Right a bit further to the right, then clicking the keybind buttons for the actions 'rotate left' and 'rotate right' (they will display Q and E) and pressing whatever button (presumably Arrow Left or Arrow Right) you want them to be, hit 'Bind' when you are done. Really easy and simple.
  • You can also just deal with it and get used to it. Seriously, if you used the mouse to look around (drag your avatar) you won't notice this change most of the time anyway because by default 'rotate left' and 'rotate right' changes to 'strafe left' and 'strafe right' while dragging your avatar.