Wednesday, April 15, 2015


1 picture, more than thousand words. Soon™.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Black Dragon Viewer - Update

I felt like there is no need to hold onto this any longer so i'll release this now, it's not much but it fixes some somewhat "major" annoyances.


Fixed: Crash in imagegl.cpp "bad number of components for texture: 5".
Fixed: Directional Volumetric Lighting being broken.
Fixed: Output/Input panel in Sound Preferences not working anymore.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Black Dragon Viewer - Update 2.4.2

Update 2.4.2 Confirmed!

There are a bunch of changes coming with this update, a quick rundown is needed!

Multi-line Chat

Long ago when i started Black Dragon this was one of the very first things i removed in CHUI, it is horribly annoying and uses up half of my entire chat history because i tend to use small windows. Now i've re-added Multi-line Chat as option, you can find it in Preferences - Chat. I'm sorry i forgot about this so often.

Volumetric Light falloff

As promised i worked on making the falloff kick in smoothly instead of just suddenly appearing with no way to turn it down to minimal levels. Light Falloff will now go down to 0.1 in both the Machinima Sidebar and Preferences.

Hover Height

Yup. It's in there. You can now right-click your AV or attachment and select "Hover Height", a new floater with a slider will appear allowing you to permanently set your hover height, regardless of your shape and action, that means it also works while sitting on objects and stays over sessions. It's serverside and only people with this feature will see the changes.


There's quite a huge list of changes and fixes, including, depth of field and glow no longer turning off when clicking HUD's (yay), texture memory sliders working again, camera angle working again, a fix for the picture in picture issue some of you experienced, the sidebar button not working, a fix for "nolink>" and all other of my added commands that were malfunctioning as well as a huge bunch of LL changes.

I also installed the English version of WinRar 5, the installer should be English now.

You might also want to listen to the new Drax Files Radio episode, Drax interviewed me, you might find it interesting to hear my annoying voice.



Added: Ability to toggle single-line mode in local and IM.
Added: Multi Line Chat option to preferences.
Changed: Make environment changes persistant across logins by default.
Changed: Depth of Field Resolution to 1.0 by default.
Changed: Raised Light Brightness max value to 30 up from 15.
Changed: Adjusted Hover Height floater.
Changed: Make light falloff step in smooth instead of suddenly appearing.
Changed: Allow Light Brightness slider to go down to 0.1 and up to 60 now that the falloff is smooth.
Changed: Lowered max value for Light Resolution slider down to 128, everything higher doesn't make any noticable visual difference.
Fixed: Compile.
Fixed: Machinima Sidebar button not working.
Fixed: Depth of Field Resolution below 1.0 causes a frame in frame.
Fixed: Camera Angle not working in preferences and machinima sidebar.
Fixed: Snapshot floater appearing on successive snapshots.
Fixed: Do not disable Depth of Field (and glow with it) when clicking HUDs.
Fixed: Crash when opening Report Abuse.
Fixed: Texture Memory sliders not working anymore unless Custom Memory is disabled.
Fixed: Chat going into multi-line mode even in single-line mode when copying text into the chatbar.
Removed: Camera is underwater condition for depth of field. It is supported by default since Materials.
Removed: Don't try to calculate the world view without UI because we use the entire window for world rendering anyway.
Merge with Linden Tiger
Merge with Linden Release
MAINT-202 FIXED Can't open scripts in copied objects individually on the viewer2
MAINT-729 FIXED Hide popup menu (which belongs to old chiclet) when new chiclet arrives.
MAINT-1333 FIXED Disable "for sale" controls for attached prim
MAINT-1654 FIXED object context menu redraws and repositions some time after being opened.
MAINT-1662 FIXED Disable menu items for attached objects.
MAINT-1774 FIXED Don't open preview texture floater if user clicks "Cancel" button.
MAINT-1789 FIXED Object inspector doesn't show any information about object if user uses Select Only My Objects option
MAINT-1861 FIXED Texture doesn't appear in Inventory after using 'Copy to inventory' button
MAINT-1863 FIXED 'Delete' button is always disabled for Notecard that was opened from object's content
MAINT-1871 FIXED Don't allow moving avatar while changing camera position.
MAINT-1884 FIXED "Shortcut Key" text label is overlapped by drop-down lists in Preview floater when user opened more then one gesture
MAINT-1998 FIXED 'Open' menu item is absent in pop-up menu for notecard marked for sale from object's content
MAINT-2131 FIXED "Copy" menu item is enabled for folders in "My inventory" panel inside "Places>My Landmarks" tab
MAINT-2336 FIXED Avatar continues to move in edit mode
MAINT-2477 FIXED Environment settings won't persist across logins by default, but it may be changed by using EnvironmentPersistAcrossLogin setting
MAINT-2590 FIXED Linked HUDs attached directly from inworld are invisible
MAINT-2742 FIXED Duplicate Display Names appear once in share picker
MAINT-2759 FIXED Touch is greyed out when right clicking on child prims in a touchable linkset if the script uses a reset on rez
MAINT-3067 FIXED Show context menu when right clicking avatar name in the list. Bumps, Pushes and Hits moved to Help from Develop menu
MAINT-3202 FIXED Cancel of selected colour in "Colour picker" floater does not return colour icon to previous condition
MAINT-3205 FIXED Normal map thumbnail icon lacks "Multiple" text when last-selected face lacks a normal map
MAINT-3208 FIXED Confusing button state when working with multiple textures and the default texture is the last selected.
MAINT-3240 Don't show avatar if it's in mute list
MAINT-3418 FIXED Button truncation in some non-English Estate floaters
MAINT-3457 FIXED List of notecard content is shifted while resize of notecard window
MAINT-3483 FIXED Cursor is not in input field, after double click on resident in Nearby chat
MAINT-3488 FIXED Pose balls are sometimes invisible after standing up until zooming camera closer
MAINT-3494 FIXED Generate Normals checkbox does not control generation of normals.
MAINT-3529 FIXED Certain pathcuts made to a cube cause some faces to not react to sunlight or local lights
MAINT-3560 FIXED Unused setting MaxFPS was deleted
MAINT-3585 FIXED Viewer Crashes when attempting to upload image.
MAINT-3648 FIXED Allow opening URLs when any text is selected.
MAINT-3800 FIXED Remove the draw distance reference in the viewer when alt-camming on terrain.
MAINT-4092 FIXED Prim faces with opaque diffuse maps, with material set to ALPHA_MODE_BLEND, do not render
MAINT-4096 FIXED Object's new land impact is not shown in build tool until new face or prim in linkset is selected, after adding or removing only material to/from child prim
MAINT-4169 FIXED Suppress initial display of the path portion of URLs from other users and scripts
MAINT-4301 FIXED failed script upload makes the wait cursor stick
MAINT-4435 FIXED fix in llvolume.cpp
MAINT-4342 FIXED Height text-box value decreases after it was set to a specific value
MAINT-4499 FIXED Forgotten password button is not aligned with Password input field
MAINT-4554 FIXED Show group name and open group profile for group-owned objects.
MAINT-4555 FIXED Floater opens in the bottom right corner overlapping Conversations floater
MAINT-4567 FIXED is not parsed correctly in viewer-lion
MAINT-4576 FIXED Damage Icon always displays regardless of land setting.
MAINT-4581 FIXED Flickr slurl links break on some regions with spaces in the region name
MAINT-4582 FIXED Certain URLs which end contain or incorrectly open the Place Profile floater
MAINT-4597 FIXED Show emoted name according to name settings in preferences.
MAINT-4602 FIXED URLs are not highlighted as URLs in chat view when preceding an internal URL
MAINT-4614 - fix viewer warning about bad membership list update
MAINT-4617 FIXED Viewer chews on "Inventory->Open and Select" until inventory received or recent items selected
MAINT-4619 FIXED Using Align Planar Faces on flexible prims causes viewer to crash
MAINT-4621 FIXED start new session with the caller (if it doesn't exist) and only then show autoreject message
MAINT-4645 FIXED [viewer-lion] The build tool shows normal or specular map as 'none' when one exists
MAINT-4657 FIXED Objects can appear to have wrong 'for sale' type when viewed in inventory
MAINT-4660 FIXED making Photos
MAINT-4662 FIXED Packet Loss always shows zero in the statistics floater
MAINT-4682 FIXED Viewer won't clear AGENT_ALWAYS_RUN while sitting
MAINT-4683 FIXED Display SLURLs with incorrect coordinates as regular URLs.
MAINT-4690 FIXED forced send_agent_update(TRUE) in idle() results in large amounts of useless UDP traffic
MAINT-4691 Restored price labels in Object profile panel
MAINT-4699 FIXED notifications list is out of order
MAINT-4700 FIXED Viewer cursor defaults to 'grab' mode when clicking on child prim of linkset that was recently physical and sat-upon
MAINT-4704 FIXED Don't show warning message for "region" item, when fixed sky is used.
MAINT-4708 better grouping of ack messages between viewer and server
MAINT-4710 FIXED The 'Copy to inventory' button should be disabled in Texture preview floater when permissions forbid it
MAINT-4718 FIXED Enable Open menu item even if texture is no-copy.
MAINT-4726 FIXED Strange camera roll when using freeze frame in snapshot floater
MAINT-4735 FIXED Need to press Ctrl+W twice to close floater
MAINT-4739 FIXED Restore cursor when WorldMap floater loses focus.
MAINT-4740 FIXED Context menus left on screen when closing floater with Ctrl+W
MAINT-4755 FIXED Asset on Screen Causes Sudden FPS Drop
MAINT-4766 FIXED Reset camera to default after disabling Automatic position for: Appearance option.
MAINT-4769 FIXED Teleport history timestamp text is truncated for AM times.
MAINT-4773 FIXED Some transparent textures are rendered as white.
MAINT-4777 FIXED Confusing 'Save changes?' dialog when hitting the Delete button in notecard edit floater
MAINT-4799 FIXED Show complete avatar names in confirmation dialog.
MAINT-4804 FIXED Viewer gets stuck in mode sending email with snapshot if that fails
MAINT-4833 Fixed Warning treated as error
MAINT-4943 FIXED Crash on location
MAINT-4967 FIX - log spam removed
MAINT-4971 FIXED [MAINT-RC] Own avatar is often totally invisible at login with no way to fix apart from a relog. Other avatars are also often invisible.
MAINT-4973 FIXED  Clicking on the green part of links (as opposed to the grey) opens the wrong link in all places apart from in a conversation window or chat toast.
MAINT-4974 FIXED Complete name should be used in LLAvatarActions::buildResidentsString only when building name string for share confirmation dialogs
MAINT-4975 FIXED Sender's name is hidden out of view for inventory offer popups and payment popups
MAINT-5023 URIparser crash in LLUrlEntryBase::urlToLabelWithGreyQuery
MAINT-5024 crash in LLInspectToast
SL-92 - Can edit hover height via slider

Monday, March 23, 2015

Black Dragon Viewer - Update 2.4.2 (BETA)

Here we go with the next round of changes.

Important changes to notice are definitely the glow and SSAO changes, please go into preferences -> display and nuke all Ambient Occlusion / SSAO and Glow sliders via each [default] button to make sure you get the new defaults.

Also Volumetric Lighting will now work with FXAA and glow and there is an option that allows excluding alpha's from Depth of Field (and Volumetric Lighting) which you can use to prevent the depth calculation of Depth of Field to include them and cause weird focus issues and weirdly lit surfaces of particles and some alphas when using Volumetric Lighting.

There's also a slider now to set the godray falloff, 8.0 means disabled, everything higher will cause Volumetric Lighting to have a falloff the closer to the camera it is rendered. Comparison below.

No falloff (8.0):

Falloff set to 8.1;

I'll work on a smoother falloff transition in upcoming updates.

Also updated WinRar to version 5. I had to redo all installer stuff, tell me if something is missing or misbehaving other than the missing logo on the left side of the unpacker which somehow still doesn't work grgrgrgrmrmrmlll.


2.4.2 Beta

Added: Debug to disable Alpha inclusion in depth map for Depth of Field. Fixes strange behavior of DoF on Alphas but also introduces small new problems.
Added: Debug to disable directional volumetric lighting.
Added: Directional Volumetric Lighting option to preferences.
Added: Custom System Memory option and make sure we have a separate slider for the "linked" memory version.
Added: Option to exclude Alphas from Depth of Field depthmap calculations. Can be used to fix strange lighting with Volumetric Lighting when DoF is on as well as annoying sudden blurring of DoF on alphas.
Added: Godray falloff debugs allowing us to set a brightness falloff over distance.
Added: Volumetric Light Falloff slider to Machinima Sidebar and Display Preferences.
Added: Directional Volumetric Lighting toggle to Machinima Sidebar.
Added: Include Alphas into depth calculation toggle to Machinima Sidebar.
Added: [WIP] Informative System for Preferences to tell possible performance breakers and problems that could occour with certain options.
Added: Chat Color for Friends.
Changed: Fix inconsistent labeling of Volumetric Lighting options.
Changed: Cleaned up volumetric lighting shader.
Changed: Tweaked FXAA a bit, overall slightly better quality, less texture blurring.
Changed: Make RenderGodraysDirectional reload shaders so we get to see the change after toggling it.
Changed: Make sure we set a reasonable default amount for System and Scene Memory in case the user has set Texture Memory to 0.
Changed: Allow original Texture Memory slider to go down to 0 (automatic). Do not allow the new sliders to go there, the automatic default memory is just for emergency cases (or debug changes).
Changed: Make DoF reload shaders, slows it down a bit but seems the most sane solution right now for the Volumtric Light glow issue.
Changed: Make Volumetric Lighting reload GL instead of shaders, speeds toggling up a lot.
Changed: Made glow stronger on objects with the glow trait set without overkilling the sky too much (hopefully).
Changed: Made SSAO wider, more SSAO, strength stays the same.
Changed: Tweaked Glow settings a bit more, should be almost the same as LL Default, tho additionally with my soft surface glow.
Fixed: Region water and void water having differing heights resulting in a cut off water plane when looking from far out on the ocean.
Fixed: Push Volumetric Light shader below FXAA so it doesn't neutralize FXAA the brighter godrays become.
Fixed: System Memory slider does not refresh and set a new texture memory value.
Fixed: XML parsing warnings in main_view.xml
Fixed: Sidebar not working anymore.
Fixed: Post Process Glow not showing up in Volumetric Lighting unless DoF is enabled.
Fixed: Glow Strength slider not working.
Fixed: Compile.
Fixed: More compiling issues.
Fixed: Half unreadable About Viewer text color.
Fixed: About Land owner list not working anymore.
Fixed: nolink>[NAME] is [STATUS]. Temporarly until LL fixes their uriparser.
Removed: Underwater Depth of Field options, they serve no purpose anymore since Materials's introduction.
Removed: "PrevGlow", "PrevFoV", "UseMachinimaSidebarAsOverlay", "PreferencesPanelOpen" and their unnecessary code.
Removed: Old Godrays code from dofCombineF.glsl.
MAINT-1885 FIXED Don't allow to sit while in Editing appearance mode.
MAINT-2056 FIXED Demote the messages to DEBUG level to prevent spam
MAINT-2560 FIXED Show name of source avatar above crosshair
MAINT-2560 reverted
MAINT-2565 FIXED Show texture information in one toast
MAINT-2701 restore 10 translated strings that were lost during an earlier dev merge (see Jira screenshots for details)
MAINT-3562 FIXED Viewer crashes when updating local textures using Substance Designer : add code for control input buffer size
MAINT-3666 FIXED Update modifiers when viewer window becomes key window
MAINT-3788 FIXED [Profile Notes] CTRL+cursor (e.g. CTRL+LEFT ARROW) doesn't work in the profile notes editor.
MAINT-3853 FIXED Add llTeleportAgent Notification to the Notification List so it can be set to 'never show'
MAINT-3941 Left-clicking on the "Mute when minimized" label doesn't toggles the display of the check mark
MAINT-3959 FIXED Prim size reverting to default size when scaled down and shift copied
MAINT-4119 FIXED Uniquely decorate links on Second Life or Linden Lab domains
MAINT-4170 Eliminate homoglyphs in URL hostnames: used 3p-uriparser;
MAINT-4291 FIXED Spelling mistake in llGodLikeRezObject
MAINT-4329 FIXED scales each image *twice* for no apparent reason : patchset #2
MAINT-4345 FIXED User names are not retained when switching grids
MAINT-4386 FIXED Text in statistics is cut off by the scrollbar in the statistics floater
MAINT-4398 FIXED Moving view away from selected prims causes some to deselect themselves since viewer-interesting
MAINT-4415 FIXED Speak button does not become enabled after enabling voice on parcel, if voice was disabled upon parcel entry
MAINT-4433 FIXED Don't start changing scale on first click.
MAINT-4434 FIXED Update "Total land in use" and "Land available" when saving changes.
MAINT-4437 FIXED Spillover Branch shows when it should not
MAINT-4440 FIXED Bad colors for spillover menu in viewer-lion
MAINT-4341 FIXED Pixel width and height of the preview is not matched to value of Width or Height text-box in the “Snapshot to inventory” window
MAINT-4434 FIXED Mainland land deeding amounts bugged
MAINT-4448 FIXED Avatar often stops animating when being animated by an intan solo dance ball on Interesting based viewers only.
MAINT-4455 FIXED stats - UDP Data should not show any comma
MAINT-4458 FIXED Enable/disable combobox instead of changing its visibility.
MAINT-4464 FIXED Viewer displays L$ balance of 'L$20' when L$ service is unavailable
MAINT-4473 FIXED Don't erase logs location path on pressing Cancel button.
MAINT-4481 FIX [viewer-lion] Linux build fails due array-bounds issue in llmanipscale.cpp
MAINT-4482 FIXED [viewer-lion] Mac build fails due to weirdo LLTextBase::normalizeUri() issue
MAINT-4492 FIXED Danish and Polish need to be removed as choices from Preferences
MAINT-4497 FIXED Use uriparser to find actual domain name.
MAINT-4501 FIXED Viewer spams error message if it can't find an audio device
MAINT-4545 FIXED simplebot.dae rigged mesh no longer uploads
MAINT-4548 & MAINT-4557 FIXED build issues

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Black Dragon Update "Feature Update"

You might want to increase godray brightness to 3.0/4.0, i found these to be just perfect for "every day usage", higher values are not recommended unless you want to make snapshots that show them more visible.

NOTE #2:
I recommend setting Scene Memory to at least 256mb and System Memory to 512mb. Otherwise, lots of texture trashing.

Hello there.

This update contains only a few changes, originally there were more planned (and are still planned) but i will push them back until 2.4.2 because i really want to get this update out now, i need feedback on the new godrays iteration now called "Volumetric Lighting"


This update introduces a bunch of new options, those are:

Browser options: Those that were lost into the world wide web long ago when i redid the entire preferences panel layout.

System Memory: This is a tricky one. Previously we only had a Texture Memory slider, this System Memory slider makes you able to split the actual Global Viewer Texture Memory and the Current Scene Memory and change them individually, this is good because: it allows you to set as much permanent texture memory as you might need without increasing all other internal memory values to crazy highs, theoretically you should now be able to set 1gb of System Memory and something like 400mb scene memory, that should drastically increase the amount of textures that can be loaded without causing "texture trashing" some of you might have already seen.

System Memory = Perma/Semi-perma Texture Memory, its used to save UI textures forever and all textures on the region you are on until you change regions.
Scene Memory = Texture Memory that is used to render the current scene, only what you can see at this very moment. This typically can have a much smaller memory pool than System Memory.

Volumetric Lighting: Not really new, it is just the renamed "Godrays" feature. I thought "Volumetric Lighting" is a much more fitting name than Godrays since this feature doesn't just render godrays only anymore, it looks more like Volumetric Lighting now.


I "fixed" some long standing issues with water rendering, you might have noticed them (or not) but at a certain height, water starts curling around your view, its not just an optical illusion it REALLY bends, making regions go half underwater in a water wall.

This last picture shows the fixed version, no more hurling around.

While i were at looking into the water shader code i also fixed another really big annoyance... ever noticed that water looked extremely... broken on distance? It does sudden cutoffs... it bends.. stretches and then is squeezed together... well NO MORE.

Unfixed version (non deferred)

Fixed version (deferred)

I fixed it in deferred first, hence why the first picture was taken without deferred (because the issue was still there so i had a comparison picture and i was too lazy to just revert the changes to make a proper one). You can clearly see that in the non deferred picture, water is strangely repeated, squeezed and stretched, it looks weird and unnatural, almost like the water consisted of multiple rivers that were somehow... clashing with occasional stripes of still ocean.

I hope to implement these fixes and Volumetric Lighting into the LL Viewer at some point, so we can all have these fancy graphics and maybe in an even better version than they are now!

Volumetric Lighting

Anyone with at least a bit knowledge of graphics will say "ohwait Niran this is not Volumetric Lighting" and you are absolutely correct. This is NOT volumetric lighting, not the typical type of volumetric lighting. It is still the godrays feature i got from Tofu quite some time ago, since then i have been modifying it from time to time. Since Oz showed interest in this feature i decided to revisit it, and fix as many bugs with it as possible, mainly godrays not working on particles and alphas, now they do and they even work underwater! A word of warning tho, do not use them with Depth of Field unless there are no alphas or particles around, particles and alphas will look perma lit/dark if used in conjunction with Depth of Field, the issue here is Depth of Field uses a slightly different Depth Map for its calculation than Deferred without Depth of Field, this Depth Map includes alpha and particles as solid surfaces causing them to have weird effects on Depth of Field....and on Godrays... because Godrays ... i mean Volumetric Light uses the same Depth Map as all features in Deferred do, as soon as you enable Depth of Field, this slightly altered Depth Map is used across all features in Deferred, that causes Volumetric Light to include alphas and particles in its calculations, causing really weird things from certain angles, i tried my best to get this fixed and it seems to be as easy as making a separate Depth Map (which we could use for Depth of Field too so it stops being so damn buggy with alphas and particles). Heres the issue i am talking about: Link and this is the Depth Map which shows the issue: Link

Note this is an LL rendering issue, it is present in all Viewers (should be, not sure about Cool Viewer and Singularity), i would be really grateful if someone could help me out getting this thing fixed (Oz i'm talking to you, give me one of your rendering geniuses! Make em fix it!)

Note: Volumetric Lighting is ONLY visible if:
You are facing the sun
You are using a windlight that compliments godrays
You enabled Deferred Rendering
You set Shadows to at least "Sun/Moon" (Some), better is "Projectors" (All)
You enabled Volumetric Lighting
You set the Godrays brightness high enough for it to be noticable (recommended 3.0 - 4.0)

Next update will include an option to make "facing the sun" optional, so it renders no matter where you look at, you can do that by editing the shader file right now if you know what you are doing. I do not recommend it tho.

In case you do not understand what "facing the sun" means:


In case you want the diner room in full resolution and the other pictures i made there: Here you go


Added: (EXPERIMENTAL) Ability to change system memory and current scene memory seperately.
Added: Browser options tab in preferences floater.
Added: Really experimental godray calculation, looks smoother and works on alpha, bugs on particles.
Added: Ability to select rigged meshes when in build mode and right clicking them. (From Kitty)
Added: Volumetric Lighting (experimental godrays) into a seperate shader, fixing a lot of issues. Same issues with particles Depth of Field suffers.
Added: Seperate Texture and Scene Memory sliders to preferences.
Added: Default buttons to System and Texture memory sliders.
Changed: Swap "Members" and "Roles" tabs so "Members" is the second tab and selected first for unknown reasons.
Changed: Allow right clicking rigged mesh attachments.
Changed: Shrink button toybox to make it fit with our fewer buttons again.
Changed: Quiet Snapshot to Disk to on by default.
Changed: Cleaned up preferences floater internally, should increase first start performance a bit. Still freezes for a few seconds tho.
Changed: Renamed Godrays to Volumetric Light (since it is more of a volumetric light feature than godrays only now).
Changed: Rearranged display preferences panel, made it clearer which options belong to each other.
Changed: Reorganized display preferences slightly, make it more distinct which options belong together.
Fixed: Chiclets being invisible and positioned way above where they should be.
Fixed: Make sure we don't show a scroll wheel in the Login background in case we use websites.
Fixed: Long standing water hurling issue, increased the distance at which water starts hurling massively preventing it from hurling in visible space.
Fixed: Long standing water ripple issue in which water has switching sections of stretched/squeezed textures, especially noticeable on open water.
Fixed: Long standing water ripple issue in which water has switching sections of stretched/squeezed textures, especially noticeable on open water. (Non Deferred)
Fixed: Long standing water hurling issue, increased the distance at which water starts hurling massively preventing it from hurling in visible space. (Non Deferred)
Fixed: Vignette Multiplier being cut out of the panel at the bottom.
Fixed (TEMP): Renamed notification well to prevent it from hiding until i find the place they are hiding it.
Fixed: Only use the Godrays shader if we enabled Godrays.
Fixed: Preferences freezing the Viewer for quite some time when opened the first time. Preload it on start.
Fixed (EXPERIMENTAL): Sort the friendlist when refreshing them the next time (on reopen as example).
Fixed: Deferred Rendering shutting down due to godrays when disabling shadows. Make sure godrays are a class 1 shader.
Removed: Godrays glsl from softenLightF.glsl now that Godrays have their own shader.
Removed: Godrays glsl from cofF.glsl now that Godrays have their own shader.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Black Dragon Update "Deformed Update"

It's quite some time since i last made an update, i'm sorry about that... i feel like Firestorm now. Horrible.

This update brings quite some changes under the hood, not much from me, just a bit fleshing out the UI, other than that a possible fix for RLVa (couldn't test it because a certain person was never online) and a possible crash fix that was introduced with my connectivity issues panel.

This is the altered friendlist look, there are no accordions anymore and the "All" list is now sorted by status by default, that should clean up the friendlist a bit more and make it uniform with the rest of the panel. It's also blue now. I might add more colors in future updates.

Most important change in this update is the inclusion of all Linden Labs updates up to the very latest available changes. This includes a system that intelligently tracks deformations of your shape and should be able to properly undo them when de-attaching those attachments causing deforms. Yes lads you heard right, NO MORE RELOGS FOR DEFORMER AVATARS. I tested it with the Sergal (in pic) and it worked flawlessly, it did not work on the ONA Bunny however as it seems to use some special deformation with animations that won't stop, all other normal bone deformations were correctly stopped tho. Yay!


I heard you like dicks and high res snapshots, so i made you some 6k (~6.000 x 3306) snapshots for your pervert viewing pleasure. Remember this is a mature blog and we all are mature so please no childish discussions about a certain tiny peen of mine *badam tsch*.

If you want to see them full resolution: left click -> right click -> open url in a new tab.
Unless you use a crappy browser.


Misc: Added an experiment in shaders, might use it someday.
(Possibly) Fixed: RLVa detach and re-attach issues via RLVa commands.
(Possibly) Fixed: Crash caused by the connection issues panel when the region becomes invalid.
Fixed: Compiling.
Changed: Max. value for Video Memory in Display Settings to 1024mb.
Changed: Increment steps for Shadow Blur Size in Display Settings to 0.1.
Changed: Hide the connection issues panel from start to prevent it from popping up for a second on login.
Changed: Friendlist layout, removed accordions and facebook integration, sort by online status by default.
Changed: Appearance floater outfit status color.
Changed: Show worn items in Appearance as italic instead of bold.
Changed: Beacon color to Steam blue-ish.
Merge with Linden Release
MAINT-1192 FIXED Empty folders remain in the recent items tab of inventory until relog
MAINT-1849 FIXED Disable 'Rename' menu item when multiple items are selected.
MAINT-2699 FIXED Disable voice and release mic button when status is changed to STATUS_VOICE_DISABLED.
MAINT-3391 FIXED Sounds no longer play directly when double clicking in inventory.
MAINT-3440 (Refix) Viewer freezes and not responding after trying to open 5 new media browsers tabs directed to link
MAINT-3511 FIXED When one surface of mesh object is set transparent all object is invisible : compare rotation quaternions with predefined epsilon
MAINT-3569 FIXED Handle window hide/unhide and minimize/unminimize events on mac.
MAINT-3964 FIXED Textures with Alpha won't Animate on Rigged Mesh when worn : fix in shader (mul texcoord to tex matrix), array's optimization
MAINT-3967 FIXED Up arrow key does not move the cursor up in chat field.
MAINT-4086 FIXED Limit the number items "Replace Current Outfit" or "Wear" applies to COF folder is also limited now.
MAINT-4092 FIXED Prim faces with opaque diffuse maps, with material set to ALPHA_MODE_BLEND, do not render when ALM is enabled
MAINT-4158 WIP - fix for at least some forms of distortion. I can't repro the drastic height changes, so not positive it addresses that.
MAINT-4196 WIP, including clearer inventory warnings for attachment errors
MAINT-4210 FIXED Don't try to replace wiki-link with label if it's not correct(contains url in label part).
MAINT-4218 Adding clothing from inventory closes THAT clothing folder and hides THAT folder
MAINT-4238 FIXED Accept new types of tokens/delimiters as well as TT_WORD
MAINT-4239 FIXED Buttons are added to Object contents floater
MAINT-4253 FIXED Don't call setSelection() twice.
MAINT-4254 FIXED Don't change selection in Inventory panel when image's uuid is null.
MAINT-4255 FIXED In the Edit menu when opening the texture picker for normal map selection and clicking Cancel the already applied texture is changed to None even with or without any prior change or if the prior applied texture was full perms.
MAINT-4289 FIXED [BEAR] Recent Items "Reset Filters" not working correctly
MAINT-4293 FIXED Very slow inventory fetch
MAINT-4304 FIXED Avatar stuck running if releasing shift during double-tap strafe
MAINT-4305 FIXED Viewer sometimes crashes when pasting an invalid character into a script.
MAINT-4317 FIXED the Joystick Configuration help link does not point to the correct page.
MAINT-4322 FIXED Re-assert DND tag animation if it was cancelled by script, when DND mode is still active
MAINT-4323 FIXED Mouselook - right-click locks cam position (mac-only)
MAINT-4334 FIXED Request confirmation from the user when paying another avatar to ensure that the destination avatar and L$ amount is correct and intended before the money is sent
MAINT-4363 FIXED In-use script dialogs and pending inventory offers are forced out of view and into their chiclet every time a new conversation is started by another resident or a new group chat session opens
MAINT-4368 FIXED Statistics floater - Object Cache Hit Rate, Cache Hit Rate and Cache Read latency graphs display incorrectly
MAINT-4397 FIXED It's possible to size the viewer window where some menus will draw beyond its bounds
MAINT-4422 FIXED Inventory re-sorts itself if any of the Filters are enabled and you detach an item from your Avatar
MAINT-4432 FIXED Packets Lost under Help -> About Second Life does not display correctly
MAINT-4438 FIXED Warning message is changed to debug message.
MAINT-4537 WIP - order of operations during outfit change
MAINT-4545 FIXED simplebot.dae rigged mesh no longer uploads
MAINT-4606 WIP - handle removing attachments that contain multiple mesh objects
SL-90 FIX - support folder_name option in wear_folder SLURL
SL-93 WIP - refactoring LLPosOverrideMap for reusability
BUG-7698, BUG-7688, BUG-7694 (others)  CDN connection issues.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Black Dragon Update "Bugfix Update"

Just a small bugfixing round getting rid of an issue introduced with the last update.

Also make sure you go into the installation folder and remove Black Dagon.exe... yes.. i do typos too, i'm sorry.


Fixed: Group Notices text editor using unreadable text colors.
Fixed: Chicletbar positioning itself over the netstats when there is no sys well.
Removed: Cleaned up textures.xml, should preload load a few small textures less now.
Removed: Old unused textures.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Black Dragon Update "New Years Update"

Happy New Year from Germany

I made you one last update this year, filled with some bugfixes, changes and little additions you may like.

This Update was primarily aimed at fixing RLVa which has become broken of the several past releases because RLVa wasn't ever updated again, i merged all the latest available sunshine external RLVa changes and went through code trying to get as much to work as possible, i made a few test runs with it via TiS and so far it worked, i can't promise it won't cause problems tho. We'll see.

Other things include an option to show the merchant inbox/outbox in inventory (needs relog) and a bunch of fixes to problems reported. Conversations shortcut was fixed (CTRL + T now), freezes on entering/leaving Mouselook have been massively reduced/fixed, the script editor window has been Niran-ified again, some new icons for the Navbar parcel properties have been done and changing the controls layout doesn't require a relog anymore. I might also take a look at fully rebind-able controls in the future.

Happy new year and stay tuned for more updates in 2015!



Added: Made some new parcel property icons.
Added: Option to toggle if we want to see Merchant Outbox/Inbox folders in our inventory.
Changed: Move damage icon in navbar to the far left of all icons.
Changed: Script Editor layout.
Changed: Made Keyboard controls loadable without relog.
Fixed: Conversations shortcut.
Fixed: Massive double code removal and code fixes all over the place to make it compile with the latest RLVa merge.
Fixed: Original object name is still visible while renaming objects.
Fixed: A warning in floater_world_map.xml
Fixed: A warning in menu_viewer.xml.
Fixed: 1-2 second freezes when entering/leaving Mouselook with hide UI disabled.
Removed: Double RLVa entries after RLVa merge.
Removed: Doubles in notifications after RLVa merge.
Removed: Cleaned up About Black Dragon floater a bit.
Removed: Last Snapshot created when logging out or getting disconnected, we don't use it anyway. (We also crash on dc anyway so we won't ever see it)
Removed: Code call to unused SnapshotConfigURL.
Removed: Ripped out hopefully all leftovers of the Topinfobar (minilocationbar).
Removed: Some html folder leftovers.
Merge with RLVa Sunshine

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Black Dragon Update "Christmas Update"

Merry Christmas from Germany.

Made a little christmas present for you, i hope you like your new ability to toggle the favorites bar off.



Added: Ability and option to toggle Favorites on/off.
Added: Experimental connection issues warning to main view. Shows up when your SIM ping goes over 500ms. May need tweaking.
Changed: New default glow settings, make glow much more visible. May need tweaking.
Changed: Finetune new glow settings a bit.
Changed: Don't display a white background in outfit edit.
Changed: Conversations floater shortcut in main menu.
Changed: Layout of About Black Dragon floater and fixed some broken lines.
Changed: Connection issues label and ping limit a bit.
Fixed: Applied Preview Sound changes to Preview Animation floater aswell.
Fixed: Preview Sound floater having weird alignments and overlapping widgets.
Fixed: Texture selector being all broken and unusable.
Fixed: Build coordinates still using the old artistic background.
Fixed: Texture selection in Edit Pick and alignment all over the panel.
Fixed: Properly handmerged latest shader changes to ensure they work.
Fixed: That "dick" Konshu keeps bugging himself.
Removed: Obselete and double shortcuts in main menu.
Merge with Linden Release 3.7.23
BUG-6895: This brings projector reflections more in line with the originally intended behavior of environment reflections.
OPEN-215: Replace deprecated call to kCGLRPTextureMemory with kCGLRPTextureMemoryMegabytes
OPEN-268 - Add missing xml cases to file picker on linux and darwin
STORM-2053 - applicationShouldTerminate returns an NSApplicationTeminateReply, not NSApplicationDelegateReply
STORM-2078 Editing an objects rotation with the rotation rings often causes the object to jump to position <0> on the region and rotation changes to <0>
STORM-2080: correct fitted mesh rendering on some ATI cards
STORM-2081 - Guard against null gWindowImplementation when fullscreen (crashes OS X Yosemite)
MAINT-4678: fix crash on launch in gpu benchmark

Saturday, December 13, 2014

About the new skin recently introduced.

Recently the Viewer saw a massive skin overhaul (twice in a row to be exact) and so far the latest skin version seems to be fine for most people i asked inworld, my question here is, what do you think about it? Is it good? Does it look clean and readable? Did i promise too much with it? How does it compare to other skins?

I'll give you some pictures of my previous skins (in correct chronological order) as comparison in terms of my own Viewer but i would also like to know how good it compares to other skins from other Viewers or even separate skins like Hitomi's mods for Linden Viewers.

Note that most skins also came with huge modifications of the UI to fit the new skin, i'll want feedback of the skin itself not the actual skin modifications, please keep your feedback focused on the overall look, readability and so on.

1. Azure Skin

2. Darkness Skin

3. Darkness Red

3. Darkness Blue

4. Cloud Skin

5. Planned Black Dragon Skin

6. Actual Black Dragon Skin

7. Artistic Skin

8. Steam Skin